Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris

I want to state right now – I have not seen ‘True Blood’. Not yet. I don’t have Foxtel at home and I wanted to read the book first.

So I did. Thoroughly enjoyed it! I know – there is so much Vampire literature out there at the moment… you think I’d be sick of it. I’m not!!! I’ve done the Twilight thing and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have actually read Dracula (years ago) and found it hard going and not necessarily enjoyable. As you can see from a previous post, I’ve read the first of the Vampire Diaries and enjoyed that… so there must be something serioulsy wrong with me! I like vampires – but then I also love reading all the latest ‘Fairy’ literature and anything involving dragons and skeletons… especially if there is just a touch of romance thrown in!

Dead until Dark doesn’t have just a touch of romance… it has the whole enchilada and then some! Not necessarily over graphic, but definitely a central part to the story. It must be something to do with forbidden love – everyone loves a bad boy and wants what they can’t have…

Sooky Stackhouse is far from your average bar waitress in a small town. Yes she gorgeous and slim, blonde and tanned, all the cliches, but she is also a psychic who struggles to NOT hear what people around her are thinking. Her mind reading abilities are among the worst kept secrets in her life. Everyone sort of knows but doesn’t actually admit it. Along comes Bill Compton, vampire looking to ‘mainstream’, to live among humans. At the same time there are a series of murders making life difficult, especially when one of the victims is Sooky’s beloved Grandmother and the prime suspect just happens to be her brother! Plenty of twists and turns. Some moralising, but not too much and just enough sex to keep your heart jumping!

Can’t wait to watch the video!! (which just arrived on my desk!)