Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

I eagerly awaited the arrival of Hush, Hush. I read several reviews that I found through Twitter, calling ‘fallen angels’ the new vampire. As far as this is concerned, the jury is still out.

Nora Grey is not quite your average teenager, but she is pretty close. Very focused and surprisingly trustworthy (in the beginning), she is instantly attracted to and resents the new bad boy in class, Patch. As the story unfolds, Nora bends more and more rules and takes a walk on the wild side, getting in trouble with the police, her school counselor (who is not what she seems) and her friends, all while her mother remains safely in the dark and often conveniently away from home.

Nora’s friend, Vee is definitely left of centre, but Nora is only vaguely left – almost more by association than design, until she starts to get involved with Patch. New to the school, he instantly fascinates and scares Nora, who can’t seem to help following him around and asking strange questions of all the wrong people and getting very confused in the process. Vee’s new friends, Elliot and James are not all they seem to be, but no one except Nora seems to notice or care.

I did enjoy this book, but found myself questioning the characters and especially Nora. Patch makes an interesting bad boy. He glowers and avoids answering personal questions. He hangs out at questionable bars and seems determined to follow, protect and terrify Nora all at the same time!

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