Evermore by Alyson Noel



Ever Bloom hides herself behind baggy jeans and a hoodie. She lives with her aunt after her family is killed in a car accident. Her life has changed forever and not just in her family. She hears people’s thoughts, can read their auras and knows their life history just by touching them. So she uses earphones to drown their thoughts and hides behind her hoodie to avoid looking at them, let alone touching them!

Until she meets Damen Auguste. New to school, he is gorgeous and wealthy, almost a law unto himself  and of course he has to be the one person she knows that she can’t hear. He also runs hot and cold, one moment she is his girlfriend, the next he is hanging out with her arch enemy, Stacia (perky viscous cheerleader). Then there is the stunning Drina, the statuesque beauty Ever sees Damen with, and who seems to feel Damen belongs to her..

No angels, no vampires, just immortals this time. Immortals with a touch of magic.

I enjoyed this book to a point, but found some of the explanation confusing. I mostly sympathised with Ever, however Damen tended to be a bit too much of a mystery. Still, well worth a read, especially if you want a change from vampires!

Fallen by Lauren Kate



I think I have mentioned in an earlier post about reading in several blogs that ‘Fallen Angels’ would be the new vampires. Fallen was even advertised in the cinemas when I went to see The Twilight Saga : New Moon. Couldn’t wait and managed to snag a copy the day it hit the shelves!

Luce knows that she is not quite right. She sees shadows that no one else sees. These same shadows don’t just haunt her, they actively try to harm her. She has few friends. Her family are petrified of her and strange things tend to happen wherever she goes.

After a boy is burnt to death, the court and her family send her to Sword & Cross School, a last chance boarding school for misfits, miscreants and weirdos. Even here Luce finds trouble. One look is all she needs. She sees Daniel for the first time and feels an instant connection. He gives her the bird. The relationship goes down hill from there. Luce does manage to make friends. Arriane, a is certifiably insane and tends to run hot and cold. Penn (Pennyweather Van Syckle-Lockwood) who can find her way into anyone’s files is honestly friendly and then there is Cam. Cam is a repeat offender who has returned to the school who takes an intense interest in Luce and actively courts her from the first, unlike Daniel. Daniel is just as intensely drawn to her, but fights the attraction with only the occasional moment of kindness…

What does all this have to do with Fallen Angels? Everything is not as it seems. Half the pupils in the school are fallen angels, including Cam and Daniel, who are locked in an ongoing battle for supremacy. Somehow, Luce is at the centre of the battle and has been, repeatedly for centuries. Usually Luce and Daniel manage a single kiss before she dies and he, being immortal must go on without her. This time, something is different. She sees the shadows. She is different. Can their love survive? Where does Cam fit into her ongoing story?

As far as fallen angels go, this book is very enjoyable. I loved Luce’s character. Even though she can be a bit pathetic and often does incredibly stupid things, she is basically empathetic. Daniel is harder to like, especially since he spends most of his time brooding or giving Luce the brush off, having stopped to talk to her in the first place. I’ll be interested to see how the series unfolds…

Halt’s Peril by John Flanagan

Halt's Peril

Halt's Peril

Ranger’s Apprentice is one of the few series I have followed from the beginning, buying and reading every book. This is a series I obviously enjoy, and having listened to John Flanagan speak about his experiences, I often recommend this to young boys. I’m not so sure that I will continue to buy each book, although I’m sure I’ll keep track of the series, as I love the characters and the world John has created.

In this installment of Will, Horace and Halt’s adventures, Halt has become almost obsessed with capturing Tennyson, the evil false prophet of the Outsider cult. The rangers and Horace chase Tennyson and a hand full of his faithful henchmen out of Clonmel, eventually back to Araluen. There are adventures on the high seas, horseback pursuit though forests and mountains, sword fights, archery and general mayhem. Eventually Halt is injured and only after a few days do Will and Horace realise that he has been poisoned and is close to death. Here Will’s unusual skills and determination stand him in good stead as he races across the country in a desperate bid to find Malcolm, a talented healer and friend.

Of course things don’t go smoothly, and I won’t tell you too much more, for fear of giving too much away. Halt’s peril is a good read, however I feel that Will and his friends have lost their edge somehow. Will has already proved himself, yet he continually relies heavily on Halt and strives to prove himself again and again…

I have to say, I’m also a bit peeved that they have changed the cover art… now my set doesn’t match!

There are some really cool websites associated with the Ranger’s Apprentice books: