Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures

An interesting mix of magic, voodoo, teenage love and angst, set in a small town in the Deep South (USA), Beautiful creatures tells to story of Wate and Lena, two ‘lost souls’ who find each other as if by destiny, after months of constant dreams.

Wate has been dreaming of losing Lena for months before he actually meets her. The connection is instantaneous and strong, despite the best efforts of a cast small town bigots, snobs and down right nasty bitches.

Wate is too restless to be truly happy within the confines of Gatlin, South Carolina. He has always been a bit different, but accepted because of his family history – one of the oldest families in town. He reads constantly, but hides his books under his bed. His housekeeper/nanny comes from a long line of voodoo priestesses, with a penchant for crosswords. His father writes horror stories, but since the death of his wife, Wate’s mother, the year before has become increasingly withdrawn and cut off, locking himself in his study.

Into this mix steps Lena, the great niece of the town recluse. She is different and not about to change. She is also beautiful and talented… and a caster – a witch with a curse. On her 16th birthday, she will cease to be herself and become something truly other, and she is scared out of her wits by the prospect.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially as the librarian is pretty kick-ass, and once the whole town starts to take sides, mostly against Lena, things get pretty dicey!

Again – mostly character comments, but it is the characters I am drawn to… that and fantasy. If only there was a dragon in there somewhere, it would be perfect!!!

Unmask the Truth: The Hunchback Assignments by Arthur Slade

Unmask the Truth - The Hunchback Assignments

Unmask the Truth - The Hunchback Assignments

I read this a little while ago, however it made quite an impression on me.

Modo is ‘rescued’ from a freak show, only to be trained in complete isolation by the mysterious Mr Socrates. Modo has very special talents. He is deformed, with a hunchback and hideous features, but he is also able to rearrange his appearance, not just his face, but his whole body for ever increasing periods of time, making him an almost perfect undercover agent!

An endearing mix of fierce loyalty, modesty, agility and naivety, Modo is let loose on the streets of London to fend for himself, until Mr Socrates feels he has proved himself, and gives him his first ‘assignment’.

There are strange things happening on the streets of London. Orphans are disappearing, noble men’s sons are killing their fathers and then themselves, the prince has gone missing and an evil scientist is experimenting on animals and people, turning them into mechanical super beings…

A bit slow to start, but once Octavia Milkweed steps into the picture, the pace steps up too and a right rollicking tale ensues. Thoroughly enjoyable!! Modo is one of those genuinely sweet characters that you can’t help but cheer on!

‘Kindred in Death’ and ‘Fantasy in Death’ by J.D.Robb (Nora Roberts)

Kindred in Death

Kindred in Death

Fantasy in Death

Fantasy in Death

Just a quick post. I know I haven’t posted much lately, and the pile of books waiting to be posted is growing fast… but what can i say? Life is pretty busy at the moment. Back at work, trying to get fit and healthy – so lots of exercise…

I am a Nora Roberts / J.D. Robb fan. I have read all of her ‘Eve Dallas’ books and quite a few of her romantic offerings as well! Some people would argue that this is not great literature – and it’s not, but then how many of the books we read actually are?

What these books are, however is thoroughly enjoyable! Set in a future where life expectancy has been extended and guns are banned (but not stunners) prostitution is licensed and computers run pretty much everything for us, murder is still a major problem. Eve Dallas is a lieutenant working for NYPD Homicide. She is the best of the best, but not without a few personal failings and hang ups along the way. Every murder she investigates is personal for her – she stands for the dead.

She is also ably supported by a cast of characters, including the delectable Rourke – an Irish ex-crim who is now a multi billionaire and runs half the planet (according to Eve). Peabody is her sidekick, Feeney, her old partner now turned computer geek, Mavis is her oldest friend (con artist turned rock star) and the list of friends expands as the series continues.

Eve has mellowed a lot over the course of the 30 books in the series so far, but she still manages to be abrasive, often rude, uncomfortable with the demands of friendship and yet, a good friend, wife and detective.

I’m beginning to notice a bit of a trend in my posts. Most of my comments tend to be character driven, rather than situation or setting etc. For me, the essence of reading is being able to get inside the character’s skin, to walk a few miles in their shoes. So long as a character is empathetic (for me) and I can relate to at least some aspect of their personality, I’m hooked!

Eve Dallas and her fiends have me hooked, although I must admit, I found her earlier adventures more enjoyable!