An Awfully Beastly Business; Werewolf versus Dragon by the Beastly Boys

An Awfully Beastly Business

An Awfully Beastly Business

Ulf is a young werewolf. He lives at the RSPCB, a rescue centre for rare and endangered beasts, such as giants, rocs,  fairies, kracks etc. under the guidance and tutelage of Dr Fielding, the RSPCB vet.

One day a dead baby dragon is brought to the centre. It’s mother is missing and after an autopsy, Dr Fielding discovers that the baby was killed by a cannonball. Murdered. Something dastardly is going on and Dr Fielding calls in the authorities – The Department for National and International Criminal Emergencies. Inspector Black arrives forthwith and Ulf is given the job of showing the Inspector around the Centre. But all is not as it seems… with the help of ghosts and his fairy friend, Tiana, Ulf must solve the mystery and save the day!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Ulf is a like able young werewolf and the creatures at the centre are fascinating!

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