Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith



I originally picked up this book because the cover image of an angel intrigued me… didn’t I read somewhere that fallen angels were the new vampires? Then this book must have it all… fallen angels, vampires and the occasional werewolf to top it all off. Who knew that vampires could have their own guardian angel…

Zachary was Miranda’s guardian angel, who made the major mistake of interfering in her death, thereby leaving her vulnerable to vampire attack and undeath. Miranda is your average left of center, not quite fitting in and prone to obsess about it teenager. She loves Shakespeare and musical theatre and has a major crush on the school hunk, who ignores her in favour of the cheerleader bitch queen. She follows her best friend into a cemetery in search of a boy and winds up undead, the new vampire princess, turned by the King of the vampires.

Zachary is cast down and given a mysterious task to complete is he wants to win back his wings. He thinks he is there to protect / save Miranda… or is he?

Miranda goes through a stage of being a bit painful as she struggles to fit into her new life as Vampire princess, but overall I really like this character, and forgave her the brief foray into blood drinking. I loved Zachary. His humanity and just plain goodness in the face of evil is refreshing and oddly cheering. In the end you cheer for him and Miranda.

The ending is not necessarily happy, but it is right. I’ll say no more.

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