Arrival by Charlotte McConaghy



The author, Charlotte McConaghy began writing Arrival when when was just 14.. She set out to write a fantasy that was complex and exciting, with a bit of romance thrown in!

Arrival is high fantasy, set in another world where magic, elves, dragons, sword fights and adventure are the order of the day.

Six friends, here on Earth, discover a portal which transports them to Paragor, another world where they are welcomed  as the Strangers foretold in prophesy. The friends do not all land together and much of the book skips from ‘stranger’ to ‘stranger’ following their individual trials as they adjust to their new situation and try to find each other. By the end of the book, two of the friends have still not been found, but the others are closely involved in a battle to save Paragor…

I did enjoy this book, but was constantly reminded of Guy Gavriel Kay’s Fionavar Tapestry – the story of five men and women transported to another world to battle the forces of evil.

I found the book tended to skip around as it traced the adventures of the different characters. The chapters were short and I would have liked a bit more characterization of some of the central characters. I found it very hard to settle with any one character before being whisked off to another.

This is an enjoyable book, but I’m not sure that I will continue with the series when the next book comes out.

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