The Glass Demon by Helen Grant

The Glass Demon by Helen Grant

The Glass Demon by Helen Grant

Lin Fox has a very unusual home life. Her father is a University Professor, her relationship with her mother is not really explored until the last pages of the book, her sister is either anorexic or bolemic and her baby brother gets looked after largely by his oldest sister.

Dr Oliver Fox is a charasmatic Professor of Medieval Studies, who drags his family off to Germany for a year in search of the Allerheiligen Glass, even though Lin is the only one in the family with even a smattering of German, and she is abou tot start her O levels. On the way to their new home, they discover and fail to report a body and things go seriously downhill from there as a series of deaths and attacks occur, each marked by shards of broken glass.

The Allerheiligen Glass are rumoured to be haunted by a demon and given the bizarre events of the book, I could almost believe it was true!

The main character, Lin is reasonably likeable, but tends to be very self absorbed (even for a teenager), headstrong and sarcastic. There are several possible bad guys, lots of drama and histrionics and not a lot of sensible parenting! Reasonably enjoyable… but not as gripping as I had hoped!

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