Darklight by Lesley Livingstone



The only thing that I found off putting about this book, was the fact that I hadn’t managed to work out which book was the first in the series, and ended up buying the second. Bugger!

Kelley Winslow used to think she was an ordinary girl with aspirations to be on the stage… then she discovered who her real parents are (not human) and met the love of her life, Sonny, who was sort of human but had spent most of his life in the court of her father, the fairy king Auberon… of course there are the bad guys; leprechauns, secrets; just who is Sonny really

I enjoyed this book, the sometimes opposing views of what is good and what is evil, how magic should or shouldn’t work and the sacrfices we make for those we love.

I wish I had read the first book inn the series though!

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