Triple Ripple by Brigid Lowry

Triple Ripple

Triple Ripple

I love the concept behind this book – three stories to be told, each slightly intersecting, but also totally separate.

The Fairy Tale: Not a traditional tale, more a tale told in the tradition of Fairy Tales. There are no fairies involved as the writer does not believe in them, just magic,  princesses and destiny!

The Reader: A young girl who is struggling after her only real friend moves away, is also dealing with school bullying and home disturbances. She uses the Fairy Tale book her mother has given her as a release.

The Writer: Eccentric, inspired, blocked, messy, distracted… discusses some of the ideas and motivations going into the story.

My only criticism is that I wanted more depth and detail in all three stories. The fairy tale was short and a bit disjointed, but a great background story. Nova had a lot to deal with and kept mentioning how she wanted to know what happened next in the book, but she only ever read really short sections at a time! The writer I definitely wanted to know more about!

I enjoyed it… I just wanted more!

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