Nearly Departed by Rook Hastings

Nearly Departed

Nearly Departed

Woodsville is a scary spooky place to live. Violence, gangs, death, curfews, strange things happen. An oddly mixed group of students is set a homework task as a punishment. The disparate students give each other attitude and grief, none of them want to be there, until Emily totally freaks out and brings the group face to face with the supernatural. Ghosts.

This book really had me going. The group slowly band together to help Emily, each taking her under their wing in their own way, confronting their own demons along the way. I did not pick the twist in the book until right at the end! I was so drawn into the characters and story, that I overlooked what should have been obvious, but was not!

Thoroughly enjoyed this book… and I’m not usually a huge spooky ghost story fan!

Has anyone else read this? What did you think?

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