The Wereling: Wounded by Stephen Cole

The Wereling: Wounded

The Wereling: Wounded

Tom does not want to be camping in the middle of nowhere with his family. Especially his younger brother. With typical teenage angst, he argues every point, resists every activity and is generally a royal pain!!!

Then he gets attacked and bitten by some animal in the woods after storming off in a huff and his life changes drastically.

Kate is the youngest daughter in a family of werewolves. She has not yet changed and will not change until she mates. Something she is determined will never happen. Her parents want her to mate with another werewolf – preferably one of their choosing and one who has been recently changed, not an inherited werewolf. They need ‘new blood’ to help with the inbreeding problem facing werewolves as a race.

Since Tom was bitten and is newly changed, Kate wants nothing to do with him, but things get out of hand, her brother is killed and Tom and kate find themselves on the run with only each other to rely on against the whole werewolf race!

I normally love werewolves (even more than vampires and angels) however I found this book to be simplistic given the premise behind the story. I did not empathise overly with the characters and found their banter more annoying than entertaining.

I’m sure there must be someone who thinks differently…

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