Die For Me by Amy Plum

Die For Me

Die For Me

Revenants are ugly scary creatures arisen form the dead… or are they! Set in Paris, this novel give Revenants the sexy treatment, dividing the ‘species’ (I suppose you could call them that) into good vs evil.

Kate’s world has been shaken up, turned upside down and transported from America (Brooklyn no less) to Paris in the space of just 3 short paragraphs. Her parents have died in a car accident and Kate and her older sister Georgia move to Paris to live with their Grandparents within days of the funeral. Kate is not coping. Not so much with the move as the two sisters have spent many months in the past visiting and living in Paris. The death of her parents has hit her hard and she is slowly withdrawing from the world around her. Only visiting the museums and reading her favourite books in some of the many cafes is keeping her remotely sane… until she see him.

Kate quickly becomes obsessed with Vincent, the devastatingly handsome guy who seems to pop up wherever she goes. She sees him everywhere – but more to the point, she starts to look for him everywhere. Of course they meet up and with some trepidation go on a ‘date’ of sorts. Kate witnesses a terrible accident where one of Vincent’s friends is killed and is then appalled by his lack of emotion… eventually to be told the truth – Vincent and his friends are no longer human. They are revenants, who spend their time rescuing people form death, often at the expense of their own lives… but then they rise form the dead and continue on!

I enjoyed this version of revenants – not zombified residents of horror movies, although once the bad guys kick into action, it is definitely not all roses and soft music! Kate is at first very torn by her reactions to watching Vincent and his friends die – having seen her own parents killed, the idea of watching her love and his friends die over and over again is not something she feels she can deal with! Eventually her need to be with Vincent overcomes her apprehension… but then the bad guys step up the drama, kidnapping, killing and threatening everything Kate holds dear!

I liked Kate. She is far from perfect and often spends days or even weeks arguing with herself and battling her depression. Vincent is flawed too. His own past experiences (he is nearly 100 years old) and present existence are not conducive to long term relationships! He often over or under-reacts and says or does the wrong thing only to turn around and prove just how romantic a city Paris can be! Definitely as tory for the romantics, but with quite a bit of blood, death and destruction in there as well!

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