Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

Low Red Moon

Low Red Moon

Avery has a large blank in her memory. She is not your average adolescent, having spent most of her life living outside town in the woods, being home schooled by her mother and learning just as much about the plants and animals around her as she did about book learning and school stuff. That all changed the night her parents were killed in front of her. Avery is not comfortable living at her Grandmother’s house in town. School is not so bad, but the nightmares involving flashes of silver, inhumanly fast and oceans of blood and tears.

Somehow the new boy, Ben, for whom she feels an instant connection, is involved and close to the puzzle of her parents murder – he is a werewolf, but he is also the victim of violence, where his whole family was wiped out by vigilantes. He understands her need to know the truth, but struggles with the connection and attraction they both feel and must learn to trust…

Avery is like a lost soul with a fair bit of angst and rebellion, but also vulnerable as she sees flashes and remembers bits of the night her parents died. The relationship between Avery and Ben is at times confusing – especially when it makes such a physical impression at first sight! Both want to trust each other and become increasingly obsessed with each other, but then they also constantly push each other away. Enjoyable but a tad confusing!

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