The Parliament of Blood by Justin Richards

The Parliament of Blood

The Parliament of Blood

Set in Victorian England, this is not a Steampunk novel. It is an enjoyable and rollicking Vampire yarn with lots of death, damnation and politics thrown in!

There are four main characters, although none of them really captured me as the central character. Young Eddie is a street urchin who has been taken in by George who works for Sir William at the British Museum in the Department of Unclassified Artifacts and is friends with Liz who spends most of her days caring for her ailing father.

An Egyptian Mummy is unwrapped with disastrous results, although no one believes that the events of the evening were anything bu an elaborate hoax. As Eddie and George follow the trail of the runaway mummy, they find more and more links to the mysterious Damnation Club, an exclusive club boasting some of England’s top politicians, celebrities, scientists and engineers. As they become more entwined in the machinations of the Club, they find ancient curses come to life, feats of engineering designed to feed sleeping monsters and evil plans to take over England and thereby eventually rule the world!

I found the book enjoyable, but not enthralling. I wanted George to be more central and more aware. His relationship with Liz was almost non existent until almost the end of the book!

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