Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Generation Dead

Generation Dead

Phoebe is your average adolescent… with a tendency to Goth clothing, loud music and top grades. She is also different because she is interested in a dead guy! All across America (but no the rest of the world), teenagers who die, do not necessarily stay dead! Many of them return as ‘Zombies’. Not the gross horror film version that eat brains and groan a lot, but as ‘Differently Biotic’ teenagers who, to varying degrees, return to their normal lives, attend school, enjoy music and have friends…

Zombies are not universally loved or accepted, but they are working to overcome that. Tommy Williams joins the Football team, much to the disgust of the coach and many of the bullies who are central to the team. Phoebe and her friend Adam are among the few who seem to be able to accept the ‘Dead’ for who they are, which puts them in conflict with those same bullies.

I enjoyed this book. Phoebe and Adam are great characters and thought Tommy can be a bit devoid of expression – he is dead so that must be excused! The book focuses on themes of friendship, individuality, bullying and guilt. A pretty hefty mix, but lightly dealt with and not too cumbersome!

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