Forever by Maggie Stiefvater



I loved the first two books and I loved this one!!! Being a human in wolf skin is not easy and Grace shows us as she struggles to become and remain human long enough to find Sam. As a wolf she has found the pack and established a place under the protection of it’s leader, however she does not have any control over her form and often finds herself naked and shivering in strange places as the pack travels and she follows.

Eventually the changes stay for longer and Sam manages to find her and bring her home. But the problems they face are not that simple. Isabel’s father, the rich and influential Thomas Culpepper, is trying to get a new bill through allowing them to hunt and destroy the wolves using helicopters and any other means he can lay his hands on. Cole is still experimenting on ways to trigger the change , reverse the change and generally stop the change. Sam is feeling less and less sure of himself and after another encounter with the police, at a loss of how best to proceed, to rescue the wolves and save Grace and make a future for them!

I know this is the end of the series… but…

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