Lonesome Howl by Steven Herrick

Lonesome Howl

Lonesome Howl

Two Aussie bush kids. One legend. Two very different families. One adventure. Told in verse, this is the story of two young teens, Lucy and Jake. Lucy is caught in an unhappy home with a violent and cruel father. Jake lives in a happy home where his father is obsessed with the wolf he saw as a young man.

Then the night time howls begin, unsettling the fragile balance of the two families. Jake and Lucy set out to find the ‘wolf’ – Lucy as a means to escape and Jake to end the obsession one way or the other. Of course in the Australian bush, nothing ever goes as planned and Jake and Lucy find themselves having to change their personal plans for the sake of the other – finding unexpected allies and a growing friendship that neither had considered.

I love Steven Herrick’s work – and this no exception. No werewolves – nothing overtly supernatural, except perhaps the presence of the ghost of a wolf in the Australian bush – just a good story about friendship, family, loss and love.

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