The Other Countess by Eve Edwards

The Other Countess

The Other Countess

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the young Earl of Dorset had no choice but to court an heiress to be his wife, given the ruin bought to his family by his father’s unfortunate love of Alchemy and patronage of Sir Arthur Hutton. Upon his father’s death, Will Lacey sent the alchemist and his daughter packing. Lady Eleanor Rodriguez of San Jaime had little choice but to follow her father from lodging to barn until four years later when he found patronage in the person of Lord Mountjoy.

Will Lacey has come to Windsor in search of an heiress. Instead he meets Ellie, the Lady Eleanor and begins a mild flirtation, never expecting that she would be the daughter of his arch nemesis, or that he would fall in love with her bravery and wit. Many trials stand in their way, not least of which is his betrothal to Lady Jane, the capturing of a Catholic Priest which throws doubt onto Ellie and her father’s loyalty to the crown, her father’s explosive death…

The path to true love is strewn with obstacles – and Will and Ellie’s journey is no exception!!!

A very entertaining tale. Well written and an interesting take on the characters and customs of Elizabethan England. Quite a few well known figures cross the paths of our main characters, adding extra interest when viewed from the perspective of star crossed love!

Suitable for teens with some hints at not so chaste behaviour, but no explicit scenes beyond the occasional kiss! Girls who like historical fiction will love this! Very enjoyable.

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