Wereworld: The rise of the wolf by Curtis Jordan

Rise fo the Wolf

Rise fo the Wolf

Drew is the odd one out in his family. Even his twin looks like his father, blonde and blue eyed… not slight and dark like Drew. He has a special affinity with animals but with his slight build struggles to keep up with his farm work.

left at home with his adored mother, he is devastated when his beloved mother is attacked and killed by a monster. He then partially changes himself, trying to protect/avenge her, only to be attacked by his own father, who mistakenly believes Drew is responsible for his wife’s death!

Drew is on the run and fully transforms into a wolf – the lost werewolf is a land dominated and ruled by weres – werelions, werepigs, werebears…

But all is not well in this world. The deadly politics and jealousy of the king (a werelion) lead to Drew being captured, tortured, escaping and embarking on a journey across the country, rescuing princesses, holding true to the morals taught to him by his mother and showing the world that there is hope for a better life.

Strong characters also, I enjoyed this book, which is action packed and great for male readers. The female characters are a bit limited, but still reasonably believable.

The Poison Apples by Lily Archer

The Poison Apples

The Poison Apples

“Bad Stepmothers be warned.”

Told from the point of view of three 16 year old girls, each having recently acquired a not so sympathetic step mother through not so happy circumstances… the story follows the advent of the step mothers, each of the girl’s arrival at an expensive boarding school, the initial non friendship of the three, followed by the revelation of the step mothers and almost instant friendhisp, revenge plans, painful revelations and stronger friendship as the girls grow through the experience!

A quick read with an easy flow to the story. The characters are quite likable, but tend to be self centered (what teenage girl isn’t?).

Enjoyable and not too deep and meaningful, unless you look a bit closer!

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

The Dark Divine

The Dark Divine

I read this book last year… and have to admit that I had to re-read/scan quite a bit before I was up to speed with which book it was!

Grace is the goody two shoes daughter of the local pastor – or is she. She struggles with the ‘Pastor’s Daugter’ tag a bit and especially with her family’s treatment of her childhood friend, the now estranged Daniel.

The family has good reason to be wary of Daniel, especially given the circumstances surrounding his disappearance, the behaviour of his father, and the injuries caused to Jude (Grace’s brother). Once again, there is no hodling back true love – against all odds and of course there is the obligatory werewolf angle!

An interesting take on the werewolf legend – controllable with magic talismans, but also curable through the sacrifice of true love…

Strong characters. Grace is quite conflicted, with her needs and desires at odds with her family loyalties. I particularly like the art references and descriptions.

Reckless by Cornelia Funke



I am a big fan of Cornelia Funke – Inkheart, The Thief Lord, Igraine… I did enjoy this book, but not as much as I hoped!

Jacob and Will Reckless lost their father… he disappeared one night, never to return. this had a profound effect on both boys, but particularly on the eldest, Jacob. Eventually he learns the secret of his father’s mirror, the strange world on the other side and slowly but surely he too begins to disappear beyond the mirror on the wall.

Will (and his fiancée) try to follow, just at the worst possible time and falls victim to a terrible curse. Slowly, inexorably Will turns into living stone – a creature from prophecy, destined to lose his humanity and become the ultimate weapon in a fairy tale war of politics and deception – but not if Jacob has anything to say about it!

A great premise for a story, but Jacob in particular, but the characters in general, don’t quite connect for me. Still enjoyable and readable, but not as good as I expected!

Rose by Holly Webb



Rose is an orphan. Found in a fish basket at the foot of a war memorial, Rose has no hope of her parents descending on the orphanage to rescue her… she must make her own luck! So when the chance comes to go into service in the house of famous magician, Mr Fountain, she jumps at the chance and her life is turned upside down. None of the other servants seem to notice the strange behaviour of the house and it’s occupants. Rose however can’t walk down the stairs without feeling the house moving. As for the magic…

What a beautiful story! Rose is so human, with her sudden bursts of strength and insight and her self doubt and fear. The other characters are equally believable and likable. The stench of evil is at first barely noticeable, slowly escalating until more and more evidence of wrongness builds up and others notice. The Family is under threat and it is up to Rose and her new friends to save the day!

Great story, lovable characters and beautiful writing! Love it!

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

The Reformed Vampire Support Group

The Reformed Vampire Support Group

Nina did not want to be a vampire. There is nothing romantic or glamorous about being a vampire. Nina spends every day being dead, locked int he basement of her mother’s Sydney house.Most of the other vampires in her support group (lead and counselled by Father Ramon – one of the few humans to know of the reality of vampire existence) had been vampires for much longer and had still not adjusted to feeding on guinea pigs, vomiting and nausea most days and splitting headaches and dizzy spells. None of them were normal or adjusted.

When the oldest of their group is killed, the group goes into panic and after many miss steps and many heated debates, Nina, Dave and Father Ramon travel into the remote outback of New South Wales in search of silver bullets and find an underground werewolf fighting ring instead.

I loved this book! The detail of the lives and the emotions being dealt with by the diverse characters in the book are fascinating! Highly recommended!

The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King

The Dust of 100 Dogs

The Dust of 100 Dogs

I have very mixed feelings about this book. I love the idea behind the book. Pirates, voodoo, ancient curses, unrequited love, yet the characters tended to be so self centered that they were difficult to like. Yes, I know, in order to survive the experiences of war, slavery, rape and murder, the characters needed to be hardened and self centered, however I had hoped that after coming back for the 101st time,and the 1st time not as a dog, Emer/Saffron  would have learnt something! The side stories discussing the habits of dogs were interesting, but I can’t say I would rush out to read this again!

The Wereling: Wounded by Stephen Cole

The Wereling: Wounded

The Wereling: Wounded

Tom does not want to be camping in the middle of nowhere with his family. Especially his younger brother. With typical teenage angst, he argues every point, resists every activity and is generally a royal pain!!!

Then he gets attacked and bitten by some animal in the woods after storming off in a huff and his life changes drastically.

Kate is the youngest daughter in a family of werewolves. She has not yet changed and will not change until she mates. Something she is determined will never happen. Her parents want her to mate with another werewolf – preferably one of their choosing and one who has been recently changed, not an inherited werewolf. They need ‘new blood’ to help with the inbreeding problem facing werewolves as a race.

Since Tom was bitten and is newly changed, Kate wants nothing to do with him, but things get out of hand, her brother is killed and Tom and kate find themselves on the run with only each other to rely on against the whole werewolf race!

I normally love werewolves (even more than vampires and angels) however I found this book to be simplistic given the premise behind the story. I did not empathise overly with the characters and found their banter more annoying than entertaining.

I’m sure there must be someone who thinks differently…

Nearly Departed by Rook Hastings

Nearly Departed

Nearly Departed

Woodsville is a scary spooky place to live. Violence, gangs, death, curfews, strange things happen. An oddly mixed group of students is set a homework task as a punishment. The disparate students give each other attitude and grief, none of them want to be there, until Emily totally freaks out and brings the group face to face with the supernatural. Ghosts.

This book really had me going. The group slowly band together to help Emily, each taking her under their wing in their own way, confronting their own demons along the way. I did not pick the twist in the book until right at the end! I was so drawn into the characters and story, that I overlooked what should have been obvious, but was not!

Thoroughly enjoyed this book… and I’m not usually a huge spooky ghost story fan!

Has anyone else read this? What did you think?