Just a few adult books thrown in for good measure!

I am finding more and more that I don’t enjoy adult books as much… I’ve gotten out of the habit of reading very complex or demanding books. I do read some occasionally, but as my main love is fantasy – some of them aren’t quite so complex or demanding!

For the purposes of this blog – which is largely dedicated to Children’s Literature – I’ll just make a few quick statements about the adult books I have been reading…

A Girl’s Guide to Vampires by Katie McAllister

I found this book q bit irritating at first, trying too hard to be clever, but eventually got into the spirit of things and by about half way – quite enjoyed the story! If you like quirky humour with a bit of bite and a wise cracking heroine who doesn’t always make sense, but her side kick makes even less sense – go for it!

Blameless by Gail Carriger

I eagerly awaited this novel – the sequel to Soulless and Changeless – and was not disappointed! Alexia Tarabotti has got herself into quite a fix and it takes a lot of dashing about with derigables, ornithopters and clockwork ladybugs, with a touch of panache and swashbuckling parasols to get her through her latest adventure!

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

I have developed a particular fondness for Patricia Briggs’ werewolves and this book, while not a Mercedes Thompson novel, contains many of the same characters and I loved it!!! So of course I went out and got the next book:

Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

Charles and Anna, Alpha and Omega wolves fight for their survival against witches, vampires, other werewolves and of course the Fae!

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

Just to make my holidays complete – I found the latest Mercedes Thompson novel (in hard cover)! Love this one too!

Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Weres, dark hunters and a touch of mythology thrown in for good measure. Enjoyable, but I won’t be rushing out to read more of the series!

Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead

I quite enjoyed this journey to the dark side. Demons, succubus, vampires… the main character is feisty and quick tongued, but I found her a bit annoying after a while.

Midnight’s Daughter by Karen Chance

Fast paced and action packed, the main character is conflicted and deadly. Through in a family which includes Dracula out for revenge after years stuck in a prison and a gorgeous master vampire as a reluctant romantic interest… I enjoyed this book, but found it very stressful to read!

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton

In a world where the Supreme Court has granted the undead equal rights, Anita Blake hunts down the ghosts ghouls and vampires who break the rules. Lots of blood, gore and politics in this one. Not convinced enough to read another in the series though!

The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn

I have to say I enjoyed her Lady Julia Grey books much more, but this romp through the depths of Rumania and the Carpathian mountains, with it’s traditions of vampires and the walking dead, was still very enjoyable!

‘Living Dead in Dallas’, ‘Club Dead’ and ‘Dead to the world’ by Charlaine Harris

Living Dead in Dallas

Living Dead in Dallas

Club Dead

Club Dead

Dead to the World

Dead to the World

I know I have already posted a review of the first book in the series, but since I have now officially become a True Blood devotee – the TV series as well as the books – I thought I’d share my thoughts… just this one last time. I promise, I won’t post any more reviews for this series… unless someone asks for it!

Since I read the first book, Dead Until Dark, I have watched the DVD of the first series – slavishly – and continued to read the books. Love the show – HBO have done a great job, and though there are marked deviations from the story, I don’t think these detracted at all from the shows or the books. Who can resist Ryan Kwanton, right?!

As for the books – I don’t think they have tapered off at all. I thoroughly enjoyed each book, and I feel that the characters have developed and the relationships in particular have changed in very believable ways – given that half the characters are dead and many of the others can shape shift!

I have the next book on my shelf waiting to be read, and Season 2 of True Blood is out on DVD soon… can’t wait!

‘Kindred in Death’ and ‘Fantasy in Death’ by J.D.Robb (Nora Roberts)

Kindred in Death

Kindred in Death

Fantasy in Death

Fantasy in Death

Just a quick post. I know I haven’t posted much lately, and the pile of books waiting to be posted is growing fast… but what can i say? Life is pretty busy at the moment. Back at work, trying to get fit and healthy – so lots of exercise…

I am a Nora Roberts / J.D. Robb fan. I have read all of her ‘Eve Dallas’ books and quite a few of her romantic offerings as well! Some people would argue that this is not great literature – and it’s not, but then how many of the books we read actually are?

What these books are, however is thoroughly enjoyable! Set in a future where life expectancy has been extended and guns are banned (but not stunners) prostitution is licensed and computers run pretty much everything for us, murder is still a major problem. Eve Dallas is a lieutenant working for NYPD Homicide. She is the best of the best, but not without a few personal failings and hang ups along the way. Every murder she investigates is personal for her – she stands for the dead.

She is also ably supported by a cast of characters, including the delectable Rourke – an Irish ex-crim who is now a multi billionaire and runs half the planet (according to Eve). Peabody is her sidekick, Feeney, her old partner now turned computer geek, Mavis is her oldest friend (con artist turned rock star) and the list of friends expands as the series continues.

Eve has mellowed a lot over the course of the 30 books in the series so far, but she still manages to be abrasive, often rude, uncomfortable with the demands of friendship and yet, a good friend, wife and detective.

I’m beginning to notice a bit of a trend in my posts. Most of my comments tend to be character driven, rather than situation or setting etc. For me, the essence of reading is being able to get inside the character’s skin, to walk a few miles in their shoes. So long as a character is empathetic (for me) and I can relate to at least some aspect of their personality, I’m hooked!

Eve Dallas and her fiends have me hooked, although I must admit, I found her earlier adventures more enjoyable!

Soulless by Gail Carriger

Soulless by Gail Carriger

Soulless by Gail Carriger

Left on the shelf at 27, Alexia Tarabotti is not your average Victorian miss (I hope I have the era right!). Thank to her Italian father, she has olive skin (read tanned), an overly noticeable nose, a forthright almost abrupt manner and no soul. The Victorian society she lives in just happens to include vampire hives and werewolf packs as well as the usual silly misses and overanxious Mamas, trying to marry them off!

I was instantly captivated by the blurb for this book and was not disappointed! Vampires attacking without permission! Roves (solitary vampires) and Loners (werewolves without a pack) are disappearing. Strange wax faced individuals trying to kidnap Alexia using chloroform… Feisty Alexia Tarabotti with her trusty parasol and her very varied friends, including an irascible werewolf lord who just happens to be in charge of the  supernatural constabulary, a foppish but very well informed vampire and a young lady who has appalling taste in hats, take on these mysteries with flair and a wonderful sense of humour, with just enough energy left over for a courtship of most unusual and amusing dimensions! Even Queen Victoria gets in on the act!

I love this book! Alexia is highly entertaining and very identifiable for anyone who doesn’t quite fit in, or is a little bit left of centre. She has a will of her own and a habit of saying what she thinks, which is quite refreshing! I fell for Lord Maccon with his obvious rough around the edges, but soft heart and excellent musculature! What is not to love?

Gail Carriger’s website can be found at:


Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris

I want to state right now – I have not seen ‘True Blood’. Not yet. I don’t have Foxtel at home and I wanted to read the book first.

So I did. Thoroughly enjoyed it! I know – there is so much Vampire literature out there at the moment… you think I’d be sick of it. I’m not!!! I’ve done the Twilight thing and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have actually read Dracula (years ago) and found it hard going and not necessarily enjoyable. As you can see from a previous post, I’ve read the first of the Vampire Diaries and enjoyed that… so there must be something serioulsy wrong with me! I like vampires – but then I also love reading all the latest ‘Fairy’ literature and anything involving dragons and skeletons… especially if there is just a touch of romance thrown in!

Dead until Dark doesn’t have just a touch of romance… it has the whole enchilada and then some! Not necessarily over graphic, but definitely a central part to the story. It must be something to do with forbidden love – everyone loves a bad boy and wants what they can’t have…

Sooky Stackhouse is far from your average bar waitress in a small town. Yes she gorgeous and slim, blonde and tanned, all the cliches, but she is also a psychic who struggles to NOT hear what people around her are thinking. Her mind reading abilities are among the worst kept secrets in her life. Everyone sort of knows but doesn’t actually admit it. Along comes Bill Compton, vampire looking to ‘mainstream’, to live among humans. At the same time there are a series of murders making life difficult, especially when one of the victims is Sooky’s beloved Grandmother and the prime suspect just happens to be her brother! Plenty of twists and turns. Some moralising, but not too much and just enough sex to keep your heart jumping!

Can’t wait to watch the video!! (which just arrived on my desk!)