The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

The Replacement

The Replacement

Not a great picture – but it could be worse!

Mackie Doyle is a bit of on odd character. He cruises through school, deliberately trying to stay under the radar, for the sake of his family, especially his Mother and his sister, he must not attract any attention, which can be quite difficult when you have pale blonde hair and black as black eyes!

Somehow he manages to be noticed by one of the popular girls, at the same time that Tate starts to pay attention for a different reason. Tate’s sister has gone missing, the thing left in her place has died and somehow Tate feels that Mackie can help her find out what is going on in a town that is dark and tense, with little hop and even less happiness! Only problem is, Mackie is slowly dying, largely due to the fact he is allergic to most metals… especially iron!

I quite enjoyed this book, dealing with how the fey now interact with the modern world where no one believes in them and the world itself, full of iron and metal, is poison. Mackie begins as quite a loser, especially when he is made physically ill by the sight and smell of blood, but as he and his friends try to deal with the town’s manipulation, he becomes more and more likable.