Heartless by Gail Carriger



Alexia Tarrabotti is back for the fourth installment! I thoroughly enjoyed this book – not surprising as I have become a keen fan of the Parasol Protectorate!

Alexia is in the final weeks of her pregnancy, and after yet another assassination attempt, a solution has been found for her predicament. The Vampires are bound and determined to exterminate Alexia’s unborn ‘infant inconvenience’ and hopefully her as well. At the same time, a plot to assassinate the Queen is uncovered with many clues leading back to the last attempt on Queen Victoria’s life, at the hands of Lord Maccon’s previous pack up in Kingair in Scotland! Gossip, politics, werewolves, vampires and mechanical octopods abound!

Can’t wait for the next instalment! (Timeless is due out in March 2012)!

The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross

The Girl in the Steel Corset

The Girl in the Steel Corset

The Steampunk Chronicles #1.

Finley Jayne is a girl who is not quite comfortable in her own skin… especially in times of stress or danger!This is when her darker side with super human strength, speed and healing abilities takes over! Running from a disastrous (for him) encounter with the Lord of the Manor, Finley finds herself struck down by velocycle and waking up in the guest bedroom of the  Duke of Greythorne, Griffin King.

This turns out to be a good move, as Griffin King is not only one of the most powerful men in Victorian England, he is also heavily involved in the  investigation and exploration of events of a more supernatural bent! Also living at the Mayfair Estate of the Duke are Emily; a brilliant inventor and engineer, Sam; half man, half machine, Lady Marsden; a strong telepath and Jasper; an American who can move faster than any other man alive. All these strange and evolving abilities can be traced back to a series of experiments conducted by Griffin’s parents involving a new found compound called Organites, which enhance and accelerate healing… among other things!

Of course there is the bad guy, who is plotting to take over all of England and kill as many of the friends as he can in the process!

Steampunk is not a new phenomenon, however it is still reasonably rare. The books are set in the time of Victorian England, but involve an alternate reality where the Industrial Revolution has already occurred with several sidetracks along the way! This book is a fine example of Steampunk and very enjoyable!