The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester

This book is thoroughly enjoyable! I loved the characters and the situations described in the book.

The Girl Who Could Fly

The Girl Who Could Fly

Piper McCloud is a young girl who isn’t quite what her parents expected… or what anyone else expected for that matter. From the time she was born, strange things happened, and when she finally takes the unusual step of flying in front of the whole town, she is whisked away to a top secret, maximum security school for kids with exceptional abilities… except all is not as it seems.

Piper is such an upbeat, caring and responsive child, you can’t help liking her. She is naive at times and yet oddly perceptive for a young person with such a sheltered background at others.

Of course, the students rebel with devastating results, but you can’t keep a good girl down (on the ground)…

There is quite a bit of thought provoking delving into the characters, especially Piper, Conrad (a super genius) and the Director of the school, Dr Hellion (a surprisingly suitable name). I found the book to flow well, especially once Piper is banned from flying and takes matters into her own hands.

Love the characters and the whole idea of ‘exceptional abilities’. Great book!