The Vampire Diaries – The Awakening by L.J. Smith

I looked for and found Vampire Diaries because I had seen and enjoyed the first few episodes of the TV show based on the books. I was very interested to find that the characters in the book, particularly Elena are quite different from the TV show. Not quite so sympathetic, but somehow more believable.

Set in the small town of Fell’s Church, the book follows the diary entries, relationships and machinations of Elena. Her parents died three years ago and she has just returned from a Summer trip to France with her Aunt and younger sister, Margaret. Elena is blonde, beautiful and considers herself to be the returning Queen of the school. After a slightly shaky start, her life seems to fall back into it’s old place, except for her growing obsession with the new boy, Stefan Salvatore.

Stefan is the Vampire of the title. He is not so tall, but definitely dark and handsome with the added advantage of being new to town, direct from Italy, and loaded! He also becomes obsessed with Elena, but he fights the growing attraction. Elena is almost the spitting image of the one true love of his youth, Katherine.

And of course there is the mysterious Damon, who puts in ghostly appearances and is referred to throughout the story, but does not make a solid appearance until his confrontation with Stefan in the last chapters. The confrontation does not end well…

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