Trash by Andy Mulligan



I found this book quite confronting. It took me a little while to work out which country or continent in the world the book is set in. At first I thought it might be a children’s version of Slumdog Millionaire, but then realised that it was set in a South American style city.

Raphael, Gardo and Rat are three children from the cardboard slum at the trash heap. They spend their lives sorting through the trash heaps, looking for items they can use, trade or sell, until one day Raphael finds the unexpected, and amazing windfall with some pretty serious consequences.

Giving glimpses of the life of the desperately poor, prison life and police brutality (at one stage Raphael is beaten within an inch of his life and then hung by his ankles out of the upper story window of the police station). The three boys find themselves with a mystery to solve, codes to break and millions of dollars at stake!

Another book I struggled with, but well worth persevering!!!!

Furnace; Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith

Furnace; Lockdown

Furnace; Lockdown

This is a book I kept putting down. Not because it is badly written as such. I just did not relate to the story or the characters at all and really struggled with  the level of violence.

The main character is Alex who is framed for a murder he did not commit in a future where teenagers have been out of control and a no tolerance policy is now in effect. The result is life imprisonment in The Furnace, a high tech, high violence, low on humanity prison which is built into a fissure below the Earth’s surface.

To say that the institution is sadistic is an understatement!

The book was recommended to me as an alternative for Primary school aged boys who like Robert Muchamore, otherwise I would never have read it. I’m glad I did read it as there is no way I am putting this book into a Primary Library. Secondary Library – yes, but Primary – NO! I have only read the first of the Cherub series and found it quite entertaining.

My biggest problem is, I can’t read them all! I have to take recommendations form book sellers, and reviews in blogs and publications… I’m glad I read this one first though!

Not my cup of tea!