Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures

An interesting mix of magic, voodoo, teenage love and angst, set in a small town in the Deep South (USA), Beautiful creatures tells to story of Wate and Lena, two ‘lost souls’ who find each other as if by destiny, after months of constant dreams.

Wate has been dreaming of losing Lena for months before he actually meets her. The connection is instantaneous and strong, despite the best efforts of a cast small town bigots, snobs and down right nasty bitches.

Wate is too restless to be truly happy within the confines of Gatlin, South Carolina. He has always been a bit different, but accepted because of his family history – one of the oldest families in town. He reads constantly, but hides his books under his bed. His housekeeper/nanny comes from a long line of voodoo priestesses, with a penchant for crosswords. His father writes horror stories, but since the death of his wife, Wate’s mother, the year before has become increasingly withdrawn and cut off, locking himself in his study.

Into this mix steps Lena, the great niece of the town recluse. She is different and not about to change. She is also beautiful and talented… and a caster – a witch with a curse. On her 16th birthday, she will cease to be herself and become something truly other, and she is scared out of her wits by the prospect.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially as the librarian is pretty kick-ass, and once the whole town starts to take sides, mostly against Lena, things get pretty dicey!

Again – mostly character comments, but it is the characters I am drawn to… that and fantasy. If only there was a dragon in there somewhere, it would be perfect!!!